Sessions with you were incredibly useful. I suddenly recognised from your questioning that I’m not assailed by unmanageable anxiety, but solidly confident. The best bit for me, about seeing you, was the heady pleasure of being able to talk about myself without the guilt of monopolising or being boring. Sudden clarity ensued and made me feel newly resolved. Thank you Suzanne. I think you’re skilled at making people feel better and I will recommend you to others ……


I had my interview this morning. It went really well. I was so relaxed about it, I even had breakfast and watched TV before it which I have never been able to do before an interview. Thank you so much for those sessions. The sessions definitely helped a lot. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could be this calm.


just thought I’d let you know that things have been going well! I’ve even started using the toilets at school which I’d never done before and it’s become so much easier! I’d like to thank you for all your help – it’s really made such a difference in my life already. I really appreciate it so thank you so much.


I would like to thank you for putting me at ease. I was very nervous about having Hypnotherapy. I am so glad I came to you. I am now a non smoker. I would definitely advise anyone needing to have hypnotherapy to use you. Many thanks. 


Suzanne has helped me so much and has turned around my ability to handle stress. It may sound strange, but I don’t think I get stressed anymore!


Suzanne is friendly and understanding of everything. She made me feel at ease right away and helped my symptoms improve through hypnotherapy for stress-related IBS. Highly recommended.


I’m a professional counsellor/therapist myself so I’m pretty clear about who I think is good or not! Suzanne is amazingly good! 5 months on from the end of our sessions I’m still feeling the benefits


I found hypnotherapy sessions with Suzanne to be an incredibly positive experience. The sessions themselves were deeply relaxing. Over the course, I found that they helped me to become more centred, less anxious, and equipped me with the ability to notice and choose to avoid negative or unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that I’d had for years.